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The Picture Below will show you where you will be stationed:

  • ​Orange=Traffic Flow and General Volunteers

  • Yellow=Registration and Transcribers

  • Pink=Testers and Supervisors of Specimens

*All PPE will be located at the Bag Tent and Testing Area

Registration Tent

  • Each Vehicle will have two people helping with Registration

  • Before beginning registration, it must be determined if more than one person in each car will be tested. EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO BE TESTED

  • If multiple families arrive in the same car, it is encouraged that at least one person from each family to be tested

  • Be aware of multiple addresses

  • It is important that county is included in this information

  • One volunteer will handle the form below:

  • The volunteer will handle the Testing Kit by filling out the information as directed:

For those working together, please remember the following:

  • Write legibly on both the form and the tube

  • Make sure that the patient's legal name is being used and if they have two last names, include them as well

  • Make sure that the addresses and phone numbers are correct for that particular person

  • Use the following Date Format dd-mmm-yyyy, i.e. 11 Aug 2020

  • Take your time, there is no need to rush this part of the process

  • Hand the testing participant the instructions on how to self-administer the test

At this point, the testing kit should be placed under the windshield wiper with the corresponding CHHC label on the outside of the sealed bag.

The CHHC Registration form and the UAB form (which are stapled together), need to be passed on to one of the volunteers in charge of transferring the information from the CHHC form to the UAB form. Once this form is filled out, it should be taken to the testing area. Please refer to the form below on how to fill it out:

Patients will get in line to be tested by following the cones until they are parallel with Hwy 31 and going southbound

At the testing site, those administering and supervising the patients will remove the testing kit from the windshield and pair up the samples from the UAB form (which was transferred from registration). The goal is for the patient to administer this test themselves to avoid as much possibility of contamination as possible, however, we should be available to assist them if needed. The form below has the instructions on how to handle the sample once it is administered:

Those supervising the specimens, will do so by following the protocols listed below. The smaller biohazard bags will be placed into a larger one and then in the cooler to keep cold. It is important that this stage that the specimen tube's cap is tightly screwed on. Failure to do so will result in that sample not being able to be processed.

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