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A Brief Look at what CHHC Offers

Primary Care

CHHC was founded in 2008 to provide Primary Care Services to the indigent population of Shelby County. All patients who apply for services at the Community of Hope Health Clinic will be assigned a primary care provider. Patients will either be assigned as a "Day Clinic" or "Evening Clinic" patient. The rest of our specialty services (both referred internally and externally) and our On-Site Medication Dispensary are driven by our Primary Care Clinic.

Physical Therapy

CHHC has one of the most robust Physical Therapy Clinics of any Free and Charitable Clinic in the State of Alabama. Currently, there are three Physical Therapists who donate their time once per week. 

Mental Health Services and Counseling

In partnership with the UAB School of Nursing, CHHC has a Psychiatric NP who sees patients twice per week. There is also the possibilty of CHHC providing mental health counseling through outside referrals.

Prenatal Care

CHHC's prenatal care is geared toward Latinas who do not have access to the prenatal care needed. Once becoming a patient, CHHC will offer what services are available, except Labor and Delivery. CHHC's prenatal provider also performs six-week postpartum examinations.



Dermatology clinic is once per month.

Mobile Healthcare

The CHHC Mobile Medical Unit travels around Shelby County and the surrounding areas to provide health screens, education, and vaccinations. Click here to see a schedule of upcoming events.

On-Site Dispensary

The CHHC On-site dispensary provides maintenance medications for CHHC patients only. This is a closed dispensary. As a rule, CHHC does not write prescriptions for, dispense, or keep controlled substances and other pain medication


The CHHC Optometry Clinic provides eye care one day per week and is currently screening and diagnosing diabetic and hypertensive patients for glaucomas, cateracts, and retinopathy. You must be a primary care patient to qualify.

Laboratory Services (2024)

More information coming soon

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