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Prospective Patients

Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient at the Community of Hope Health Clinic. All Prospective Patients need to fill out a patient application and submit it to the Community of Hope Health Clinic Staff. Please contact (205) 644-8640 or go to the contact section of this Web site in order to obtain an application. Applications usually take 1-2 weeks to process. In order to establish yourself as a patient, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a resident of Shelby County (proof required)

  • You must be between the ages of the 19 and 65

  • You must fall at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

  • You must not have private insurance or government benefits including Medicare, Medicaid, or VA Benefits

Vetting Process

All patients are required to provide proofs (documentation) that you meet the requirements above. This process occurs on a YEARLY basis, so even established patients will need to recertify. To fill out a new patient application, click here or go to the "Becoming a Patient" page.

Access to Specialty Clinic

In order to be seen by one our in-house specialist or be referred to a specialist or Project Access, patients must be established patients with one of our primary care providers. This includes our On-Site Medication Dispensary.

For a list of our specialty clinics, please click here.


To go to our Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

Appointment Requests/Cancellations for Established Patients

If you are already an established patient and would like to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment, please email the following address:

In the subject line, please but your full name, date of birth and who your provider is.

No-Show Policy

Because there are many people who need the services of the Community of Hope Health Clinic, CHHC has a no-show policy for patients who do not call and do not show for appointments.

A patient must call more than 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment in order for them to not be subject to the CHHC No-Show Policy. Failure to call or to no show twice within a six-month period will result in a suspension of clinic privileges for six months.

Mailing List

CHHC is beginning an email list and will provide monthly updates on what is happening within the clinic. There will also be updates on clinic closings and changes to services. Please sign up and approve the clinic to send you these emails by clicking here and filling out the Google Form.

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